Hello and welcome to my IB History notes page. In order to get myself to study, I've decided to start typing up my notes from Junior and Senior year. I'm typing them as I have them written down from notes taken in class or from assigned readings, so the views presented are not necessarily my own, nor do they necessarily represent a balanced view of the events. Because the notes here are meant to be used as a study aid for the IB exam they are show only what I've found to be the more important dates/events.

    I hope you will find this site useful. I have also included some music which may aid you in your studying as well! I love music, so I highly encourage you to try it out!

    My handwriting is horrid and hard to read, so if there are any factual errors (or particularly ghastly typos) please let me know!  If there is a subject I have not put on here that you would like, feel free to ask. General comments/ questions? Contact me!