Personally, I prefer to listen to music sung in a language I don't speak when I study so that the tune keeps me alert, but I'm not distracted by the lyrics.  Hence, the Russian metal music below:
(Note: All links here take you to a remote hosting site,, so I suggest you open them in a new tab/window)
Kipelov -Reki Vremen (album)
         sample song: Na Rasput'e
Korol I Shut -Prodavic Koshnarov
        sample song: Rom

The two songs below are actually history-related songs. They might help you remember a little fact or two from the Cold War, plus I just really like them :)

Daniel Balavoine -"Mort d'un Robot"
    This song was written in response to the French involvement in Afghanistan in 1980-ish. So, yes, it is 80's music. Sadly not metal, but I still love it. It is probably more interesting to French-speaking people (the lyrics are really fantastic and sad), but maybe it will help you to remember that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979...?

Loudness- "SDI"
Hmm..wonder what this song is about? Ha ha. It is by a Japanese 80's-90's metal band that I love. This song IS in English and hey, check out the lyrics! Notice how these two songs both talk about "pressing the button?" I just think they're cool because we didn't really talk about how other developed countries viewed the Cold War, though I guess this song can help you remember some criticism of SDI/Star Wars or at least this acronym in the era of 1,000 acronyms. ^^;