Soviet Russia


1870  Lenin born

1879  Stalin born

1881            Terrotists assasintae Tsar Alexander II. Pogroms swwep Russia as Jews are blamed

1898            Minsck Russian Social Democratic Workers Party Founded

1900-1905            Lenine writes for and fights for control of underground party newspaper, The Spark

1903            Bolshevik-Menshevik split

Russia under Lenin

1912            Pravda founded

1914   The Great War

            February Revolution
            Tsar abdicates
            Kerensky leads liberal democratic, but weak Provisional Government
            3 April
            Lenin returns from exile in Switzerland on a "sealed train" provided by the German government

            October Revolution
            Bolsheviks come to power

            Council of People's Commissars formed
            -Lenin is elected chairman

            9 November
            Bolsheviks suppress liberal and right-wing newspapers

            Cheka formed (later known as NKVD and KGB)

            13 April
            Trotsky appointed Commisar of War as the Russian civil war starts
            4 May
            Russia signs a separatce peace with Germany
            28 June
            Bolshevik government nationalizes large industry
            16 July
            Nicholas II and family are executed at Ekaterinburg
            July Constituion
            15 April
            Gulags are opened
            Allies blockade Russia in an attempt to stop the spread of Bolshevism and smother Soviet Russia
            Allies lift the ineffectual blockade