Russia under Stalin

            Lenin creates single-party state
            -bans other parties
            -purges 150,00 party members
             -the Cheka becomes the GPU

             Lenin's NEP
            Stalin becomes General Secretary

            Rapollo Treaty
            Weimar Germany avoids the no rearmament clause in the Treaty of Versailles by testing weapons, etc in Russia.
            24 December
            Lenin's Testament
            -warns against giving Stalin power

            Scissor Crisis emerges
            Agricultural production increases much faster than industrial so the grain prices drop. It became difficult for farmers to buy manufactured goods, so they reverted to subsistence farming.
            21 Janurary                 Lenin dies
            31 January
                        Constitution of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ratified
            Great Britain, Italy, France, and Sweden recognize the USSR
            Stalin consolidates hold on Communist Party, expels Trotsky and followers
1929              Year of the Great Turn
            Stalin turns away from Bukharin's (pro NEP) policy and is the undisputed leader of Russia because of:

Forced Collectivization
            To increase production for exports, fix the scissors crisis, de-kulakization
            -68% of land collectivized by 1930 (same year Stalin writes "Dizzy with Success")
            -90% of land collectivized by 1936
            -However, productivity is much lower than expected:
                        -Ukrainian Famine
                        -lack of incentive
1928            Shatky Show Trials
            Arrest 55 engineers from the Ukraine and accuse them of sabotage
            -increased production because of fear
1928-32             First Five Year Plan
            emphasis on heavy industry, large % increase, but very poor quality

1933-37            Second Five Year Plan
            emphasis on communications, railways, rise of chemical industry
            -more successful than 1st Five Year Plan

            Kirov tells Stalin that the old Bolsheviks want him (but he doesn't want to)  to replace Stalin as Gensek to follow Lenin's Testament
            10 July            NKVD formed from GPU
                        Yagoda is still at its head and keeps dossiers on everyone
            1 December
            Kirov is assassinated
1934-36                    Purges (phase 1)
            targets party, intellegensia and army (bad move because he purged all his good generals and now no one is left to lead the army in WWII)
            1936 Constitution
Show trial of Kamenev and Zinoviev
            they are accused of being allied with Trotsky and forced to admit false guilt
            -Stalin exploits the paranoia that came from Kirov's murder
            (at this point, Yezhov is the leader of the NKVD)
1936-38            Purges (phase 2)
            Stalin purges the members of the Party who had attended the 17th Congress.
            1937-old party members are accused of industrial sabotage and spying for Germany and Japan
            Bukharin, Yagoda, and Rykov executed
11 November
            Stalin and Molotov criticize NKVD
25 November
            Beria succeeds Yezhov
1938-41            Third Five Year Plan
            emphasis on armaments
-Interrupted by WWII

            Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact/Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
            -10 year pact not to invade Russia (At this point the Russians estimated they would be able to beat Hitler should he attack)
            -Secret clause to dismember Poland

            4 February                 Yezhov executed
1939-1945               Second World War
            4-11 February        Yalta
            Division of Germany
            17 July-2 August    Potsdam
            Tension between Stalin and Truman
1948            Berlin Blockade

1949            Soviets test Atomic bomb
            5 March            Stalin Dies